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Blue's Bio
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Blue's Bio 

Blue is the only one of three generations of Apache relations to revive and carry on the ancestral tradition of Song Catcher. Inspired by a vision dream in answer to a prayer. His music inspires, comforts and uplifts audiences of all ages throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

He was featured on nationwide TV in both "ABC7 Salutes" and in a KCSM Public Television piece titled "A Blue Moment".

Blue's music crosses barriers and penetrates the heart and spirit in unprecedented ways. In addition to his professional career, he is a dedicated volunteer in service to his community. Bread and Roses, in May 2003, awarded Blue the honor of " Outstanding Performer of 2002". Bread and Roses brings performers to institutions such as prisons, drug rehabilitation centers and centers for severely emotionally disturbed children and youth.

Bread and Roses Story about Blue.

Blue was featured at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral in December 2002, for their annual series of six Christmas concerts; and has performed inspired duets with Christopher Putnam, the Cathedral's Canon of Music.

Reverend Dr. Alan Jones Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California says of Blue, "Your flute playing is truly magic. Your playing alone and with Christopher created an atmosphere in which prayer happens very naturally. It made the service invitational and prayerful, which is very difficult to do through the medium of words. I hope to work with you again."

Ray Brooks, Shakuhachi master and author of " Blowing Zen, Finding an Authentic Life " writes about meeting and performing with Blue, "Blue's playing was something special I'll never forget. Our flutes soared to the heavens together, then plummeted to the earth. Blue played his flutes like he was born to play them."

Blue regularly performs with Michael Stillwater as part of Michael's "ChantWave" medicine music event.

Michael writes of Blue, "It is time for (his) soul and music to be shared with the world. Rooted in sacred tradition, standing in true humility, Blue honors all of us with every note he plays. Listen to the prayer of his heart - it is healing medicine. Ho!"

Dear Blue,

Countless thanks to you, once again, for your exquisite musicianship which enhanced the Institution service so beautifully. 

It was great to have you there (your presence), and great to have a chance to work together.  I will definitely get in touch with Dawn Atkinson at WindhamHill, and see if we can do a project together.

Jonathan Dimmock,

Former Music Director of St. John The Divine Cathedral in New York City.

 KCSM Public Television in San Mateo continues to broadcast a program called "Blue Moments" This piece is being broadcast across the nation at random times. The ABC, Ch. 7 television network in San Francisco has broadcast a feature about Blue and his music, Friday November 29th, 2002 on "Channel 7 Salutes." This Salute is still being broadcast across the nation at random times.